With winter just around the corner and Christmas in just a couple of weeks, I found the perfect gift for that short person in your life.

Shawn Davis of Fairhaven, creator of the Stack-O-Lantern, is back at it again with another genius invention.

It's billed as the "ultimate four-in-one car snow cleaning tool"  and it's hit the market just in time for the snowy season.

It's called The Wiper Lift. It's a snow brush with a hook at the end that helps reach wipers covered by snow. It's beneficial for big trucks or larger vehicles. The patented product is on sale at WiperLiftSnowTool.com as well as on Etsy.

The going price is one for $14.99 two for $24.99, both with free shipping.

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"My husband has a good-sized truck, and even at 6 feet tall, he gets wet from leaning over the snow-covered hood to lift the windshield wipers," Shawn's wife Kelly Davis said. "That's when he thought, well, if he's getting wet, then someone like me that's only 5'3", would get soaked. Honestly, this would help a lot of people, especially the older crowd."

WiperLift Snow Brush
WiperLift Snow Brush

Here's what to expect from the WiperLift:

Lift/Lower Wipers -- The WiperLift hook enables you to maneuver your wiper blades to allow easier cleaning of your windshield and gap between windshield and hood. This promotes safer driving and prevents ice from freezing your wipers to your windshield.

Wiper Ice Removal -- The hook feature is used to conveniently scrape off ice build-up from your wiper blades.

Brush -- Sweep snow from your vehicle with quality and durable bristles that won't get clogged with wet snow

Scrape Window Ice -- Use the ice scraper to remove ice from your windows. It's always best to heat up your car first to make it easier.

Honestly, I'm 6'4", and I still struggle attempting to lift my wipers at the end of the night so they don't freeze to the windshield. Hopefully, Old Saint Nick drops one of these in my stocking this year.

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