Justin Bieber threw a party in L.A. on Friday, Nov. 15. Neighbors accused him of disturbing the peace and he likened it to one of the famous fetes in 'The Great Gatsby.' So, it's J. Bieber and the fictional Jay Gatsby who have a lot in common.

New details have emerged about the soiree, like Chris Brown and boxer Floyd Mayweather were in attendance. So were 20 strippers with big butts.

Other celebs that showed up? T.I., Trey Songz and Snoop Dogg.

Sources told TMZ that the party was a sea of naked girls, both strippers and civilians. The non-strippers were fine with ditching their clothes, too. Eureka!

It's said that The Biebs made it rain dollar bills all night, parting with $10,000 in tips, all told. A dancer even said she pocketed, er, g-stringed $1,300.

Besides the lootcakes, loads of booze and weed were made available, and Snoop enjoyed a round of strip beer pong.

Sounds like this get together was a far cry from the junk food feast in South America.

While it sounds like it was a party for the ages, does anyone else remember that JB is not even 21 yet?