In a time of heightened health awareness, scientists have come up with a "smart toilet." I think we will all need one of these eventually.

Since so many of us went out and bought a ton of toilet paper, we are clearly planning on spending more time on the toilet than ever before.

It's about time we get more out of our bathroom experience, especially when it comes to the "number two."

Apparently a few scientists have been working on what is being called a "smart toilet."

This toilet will be able to test your urine and your stool for potential diseases. Data will be collected and sent to a protected cloud that you can securely access using an app on your phone.

They have already tested it with 21 participants over the last decade and it's moving through the pipeline to hopefully hit mass production once scientists feel it's fully ready. Smart Toilet 2.0 is already in the works with a second round of willing participants and some fine-tuning. The hope is to limit the visits to your doctor by having this toilet provide real-time data to your doctor's office.

Hopefully, this toilet will also be developed to test for the coronavirus. I remember when being able to see someone during a phone call seemed so "futuristic" and here we are FaceTiming and Zooming like it's nothing. I have a feeling this toilet may be in more homes then we think within the next decade.

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