Dejah Rondeau is quite a football player. In a league full of 12 and 13-year-old boys, she somehow broke through and became a starting quarterback for her team in Exeter, New Hampshire. Unfortunately, not everyone welcomed her with open arms.

Dejah says she was bullied for playing football and being the quarterback, but her luck was about to change.

She was able to take a tour of Gillette Stadium and meet her favorite New England Patriot, Julian Edelman.

"I wear #11 because of Edelman," she said.

The Patriots star wide receiver may have been even more impressed with Dejah than she was with him.

"I hear we've got a quarterback here to take Brady's spot," joked Edelman. Then Julian turned serious. "I heard about your story about going out there and having the challenge of dealing with diversity and people not accepting this or that.  My respect level for you is through the roof because you ignored all the noise and just played the game we all love."

Edelman then dropped the big news.

"Do you have any plans next Sunday?" before flashing two tickets to the Super Bowl.


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