When it comes to passion for making donuts, it was love at first bite for New Bedford's Jose Rego.

The culinary arts native will soon be sharing his love for donuts with the rest of the Southcoast with his new business 'Joey Bag O' Donuts'. Top Shelf owner Bobby Alfonso teamed up with Rego 50/50 and is currently lending out his restaurant to make the "Top Shelf Donuts" (the new location of 'Joey Bag O' Donuts' is still undetermined at this time, but estimated to be open within the next six months).

Rego produces around 80 dozen donuts bi-weekly, 40 on Saturday and 40 on Sunday.

"Eventually I'll be pushing for 100 plus dozen donuts with the increase demand of my donuts." Rego said.

When it comes to finding the perfect flavor, Rego researches what the top donut places are doing and then puts his own (local) twist on them. Six new flavors are produced each time Rego bakes,

"Each dozen will contain two of the newest creations I make." Rego said, "I just want to keep the flavors interesting and enticing. As of right now, the pumpkin donut with cinnamon glaze has been a popular demand."

A majority of Rego's creations are gourmet with hearty fillings, but sometimes the specialty donuts can be too much for someone,

"We will also have normal, more simpler donuts for those who want something a little less filling such as glazed and chocolate frosted."

After being a chef for over 20 years, Rego realized his niche was making donuts.

“It has always been a childhood dream since I came to America when I was twelve years old, I remember the first time i had a donut, I instantly fell in love." Rego said "I'm not competing against anyone, I'm just doing what I love to do."

Besides the donut business, Rego plans to create his own deliciously high-caffeinated beverage called the Joey Bag O' Junior and the the Joey Bag O' Papi.

Here are some recent flavors Rego has cooked up and are in the making:

Filled Donuts:

  • Butterscotch pudding filled donut , heath crunch bar
  • Pumpkin custard filled donut, cinnamon glaze, candied walnuts
  • Lemon cream cheese filled donut, bluebery glaze


  • Almond Joy donut, shredded coconut, sliced almonds, chocolate ganache
  • Mint Chocolate frosted, Oreo cookie crumbles
  • Green tea glazed donut, saltine cracker crumbles

-and so on and so on....

Until Rego opens up his donut storefront here on the Southcoast, you can still get a hold of his gourmet donuts by clicking below. The donuts are only sold in dozens for $30 per dozen:

Click the link from his Facebook, message him and on check out his most recent updates and new flavors.

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