After decades of being banned from The Tonight Show, Joan Rivers hilariously returned to NBC last Spring paying Jimmy Fallon a fantastic (and not so work friendly) visit.She was given her big break by Johnny Carson and was a staple on The Tonight Show during the years he hosted. She even earned the position of permanent guest host for Carson in the 80s, but a fall out was on the way.

Rivers was offered her own show by Fox in 1986 and she decided to take the offer. The Late Show Starring Joan Rivers premiered on Oct. 9, 1986, but it ruined her relationship with Carson and NBC. Johnny was upset that she chose to compete against him instead of filling in for him and he got her banned from the network. A ban that stood for nearly 30 years.

Then came new Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon and he welcomed Joan Rivers back to the couch in a very dirty, but very funny interview that aired last March.

Oddly enough she talks about death with Fallon near the end of their chat.