The Democratic National Convention is in full swing, and on Tuesday night, Joe Biden became the official nominee. I am sure the decision sparks a heated conversation between the political parties, but that’s not what this is about.

My focus is on the highlight that my home state received on the Jimmy Fallon show last night after the announcement was made.

During his monologue, Jimmy announced Joe Biden as the nominee, and soon after, singled out a statement from Rhode Island, when the Ocean State announced 35 delegate votes in a way that only Rhode Island could: with a state representative, a chef, and a steaming plate of calamari.

Leave it to Little Rhody to get some buzz with a plate of seafood. Jimmy couldn’t let this pass without poking a little fun. He decided to impersonate Representative Joseph MacNamara and take our love for calamari to an entirely new level, claiming, “there ain’t nothing better in this world than having morning coffee while enjoying some microwave calamari at 7 a.m. … Calamari is the most perfect food in existence. It tastes like rubbery chicken circles that you left out in the rain.”

He goes on to joke that the reason for 35 votes is because Joe is a supporter of calamari, “the circle kind and the squiggly, tentacly kind that are often sadly overlooked.”

Personally, I think Senator MacNamara and Jimmy have it all wrong. If I am voting for Biden, I need him to be a supporter of Del’s Lemonade over Mr. Lemon, and he needs to be on board with the two-for-one Awful Awful special at Newport Creamery in the summer. Only then will I know that Joe truly supports Rhode Island.

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