Jessie J has powerhouse pipes, and she'll put them to use in what's rumored to be her big screen debut. The 'Price Tag' singer is lined up to star in the biopic of 'Britain's Got Talent' winner Paul Potts.

Jessie J will star alongside fellow Brits James Corden and 'Harry Potter' starlet Julie Walters in 'One Chance,' the story of Potts' meteoric rise from cell phone salesman to opera star. She's set to play Potts' best friend's girlfriend.

"Producers know she works great on camera from being on 'The Voice,'" a source told The Daily Mirror (via Capital FM). "The script looks set to be hilarious, too – it's really cleverly written and has a typically British sense of humor to it. Even though Jessie's primarily a singer, she has a real talent for acting, too."

Indeed, we've seen a smidgen of Jessie J's acting from when she was younger (check her out in her high school play), and we were pretty impressed!

She's not the only star who's been attached to the Paul Potts project. Katy Perry and Adele were said to be considered for the role of Potts' girlfriend in the film. We can't even imagine all the wigs that set would see! (Side note, but how stunning does she look with the softer, more natural looking hairstyle and color she's sporting here? Jessie, keep this -- you look amazing!)

In the meantime, Jessie's been working on her second album. If it has any tracks like 'Domino' on it, we're stoked to hear it!

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