Hold on to your hearts, Heartbeats: Jessie J has dropped yet another new song!

The Brit songstress, who has been busy prepping her as-yet-untitled second album, just released an another new tune: 'Excuse My Rude,' featuring the rapping of up-and-comer Becky G.

The song is an angry-but-catchy tell-off to a guy who done her wrong: "I can't believe that this is what it's come to / I've held it in but it's time you know the truth / Excuse my rude but I really hate you." There's space for an expletive in that last line (between "really" and "hate you," as you might imagine), so we might be due for an explicit version of the tune as well!

'Excuse My Rude,' along with the previously released 'It's My Party' and 'Wild,' anchor Jessie's sophomore album, scheduled for a September release.

With Jess dropping songs at this rapid rate, we can probably expect to hear the whole album before the end of August!

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