NEW BEDFORD - Saying his pleas for change are being ignored by City Hall, Jerry Pinto of Neighborhoods United is stepping down from his post as chairman. Pinto has served as chairman of the concerned citizens group since 2013, and has been a member since 2006.

He tells WBSM News he feels his voice isn't being heard by the mayor's office anymore, and is stepping down so somebody else can speak up. "I feel that maybe it's hurting the group and things are just being ignored because 'Oh, it's that loudmouth, Jerry' or this or that," said Pinto. "I'm an advocate for my community. I like my community. I can't say I love my community right now because my community is in rough shape."

Pinto says he doesn't see the drop in crime that Mayor Jon Mitchell touts, and continued requests for improved lighting in select parts of the city have gone unheeded.

Pinto says he will step down as chairman after the National Night Out Against Crime in August, with Neighborhoods United electing a new chairperson soon afterward. He adds he will continue to be a member of the group.

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