After his sons' received awards for only participating, Steelers' linebacker James Harrison, decided to return the trophies to their school.

Harrison posted a photo to Instagram recently showing two trophies congratulating his sons on their participation in athletics. However, Harrison did not agree with the trophies and what they represented.

Harrison claimed that he plans to instill the value of hard work in his sons and that is not going to be attained through unnecessary celebration of participation or loosing.

This has become a source of controversy as many people have varying views on this style of parenting.

While many people believe that our culture has become too sensitive to peoples' failures, others think that there is not enough.

Many commenters posted on the Instagram photo that participation trophies can allow children in bad situations hope and help give them something to work towards.

The opposition however, claims that by allowing over awarding for things like participation makes kids entitled and is not a good example for the future responsibilities of adulthood.

So what do you think? Let us know your thoughts and if you would do what Harrison did as well.

With additional reporting by Madelyn Pellegrino

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