Celebrity fascination is something that many of us have and it's no different in Massachusetts. One aspect of our fascination with these popular folks is learning about their roots, as such we have been discovering and researching celebrities that were born in the Bay State. Many of these folks were born in Boston which isn't a surprise but we have also discovered some big-name folks that were born in Springfield, Walpole, Salem, Pittsfield, Fall River, Medford, Dorchester, and pretty much everywhere in between.

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The list of well-known people ranges from actors, athletes, musicians, politicians, novelists, producers, and people involved in the world of crime. It's fun to see which cities and towns these people hail from but the common denominator is they are celebrities and they were born in Massachusetts. Our list features 130 celebrities who were born in the Bay State, so let's take a look at that list below and keep checking back for another update in the next couple of months.

Celebrities Born in Massachusetts

From actors, athletes, politicians, musicians, and more, these 130 celebrities were born in Massachusetts. Do you see any that were born in your town or city?

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