If you could spend anywhere in the country for Christmas, where would it be?  First order of business is the location has to have snow.  A white Christmas is something many people dream about.

When it comes to celebrities choosing places to see a white Christmas or get some days of skiing in during the downtime, many turn to Colorado or Montana.  Not John Travolta, who owns a home in Maine.

Travolta posted a photo of himself with his children, Ben and Ella, in full ski gear, standing in front of the lodge at Stowe Mountain Resort in Vermont.  You can clearly see the Stowe sign on the Sunny Spruce Quad lift in the background.

Stowe Mountain Resort via Facebook
Stowe Mountain Resort via Facebook

Travolta's mansion in Maine was on the market following the untimely death of his wife, Kelly Preston.  The listing expired, so the home is officially off the market, but you can see photos of what this historic home on the island of Islesboro looks like inside and out HERE. 

The 10,000 square foot mansion features 20 bedrooms and eight bathrooms.  The large stone fireplace in the living room is the focal point of the home.

Travolta is an avid skier, and makes sure his kids enjoy the sport too.  With frequent trips to New England, he clearly loves the laid back New England lifestyle.

The actor is best known for movies like Grease, Saturday Night Fever, Face/Off, Michael, Pulp Fiction, The General's Daughter, Phenomenon, and Get Shorty, to name a few.  He also was Vinny Barberino in the hit 1970s TV series, Welcome Back, Kotter.

This past season, Travolta played a very cool Santa in a Capital One commercial.

He relived some of his famous dance moves from the movie Saturday Night Fever.

It's great to see a timeless actor celebrating the holidays with his family in New England.

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