Driving in New Bedford is not for the faint of heart. It's not always nice to be aggressive while driving but sometimes necessary to survive.

I've lived throughout the Whaling City, the last three years in the West End, and I've just about seen it all. It's been said before and I repeat: Driving in New Bedford is equivalent to playing Mario Kart.

If it's not the potholes that have motorists on edge, it's the drivers who pull what I call stoptionals: Rather than stop completely at stop signs, they'll casually roll through. This happens at the most dangerous and inconvenient intersections.

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At the intersection of Kempton and Park streets, right next to Vega's Barber Club, is a fairly new stop sign that is throwing locals completely off. It's been there for a good month or so and the amount of people I've seen speed through it is shocking.

I take this route every single day heading to work, cautiously making a left on Kempton in hopes I don't get T-boned. Trust me when I say the stop sign here is very much needed. Whoever installed it deserves a gold star or something.

Last weekend, I had some downtime and decided to stake out the area to watch how often people cruise right past the sign without hesitation -- or maybe clueless to it being there.

Are you ready for this?

In 30 minutes, I witnessed nine vehicles fly by the stop sign, a couple nearly missing the right-of-way cars turning onto Kempton from Park. It's pretty scary, to say the least. Yes, I'm aware of how Karen-ish or lame this sounds, but someone had to step up to the plate.

Perhaps one of those blinking stop signs will properly alert clueless commuters.

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