*From our Townsquare Interactive Team* If you are a business owner looking to turn your site-visits into new business, make sure you've considered these key factors.

1. You don’t have a Call to Action with an ACTION verb. Calls to action (or CTAs)  encourage your customers to act. Whether you want them to pick up the phone and give you a call or fill out an online form, CTAs need to feature a strong action verb. Go beyond telling your customer to  “call today” and try

  • Request an appointment
  • Make a reservation
  • Schedule your consultation!

2. You’re not giving your customers the WHY. There are bound to be at least five other providers in your area, so what makes your business different from every other service provider?  Potential customers need to know if you provide:

  • A first-time purchase discount,
  • Service guarantee
  • Faster service than a competitor

Review your website, and make sure that why factor isn’t missing from your home page.

3. Your customers don’t know you, or trust you. If a customer can’t decide whether or not you are a credible business, there’s no way they are going to hire you. Make sure your website builds TRUST:

  • Share testimonials. One “too good to be true” testimonial could cost you business, but a few testimonials written by your satisfied customers might help convert your traffic.
  • Display awards. Seals from the Better Business Bureau, Home Advisor or Angie’s List help to build trust with your customers and will nearly always convert to business.
  • Establish consistency. All of the information on your website should be consistent across all of your marketing platforms. If you say you open at 8:00 a.m. and close at 5:00 p.m. EST on your website, your storefront signage and online directories should reflect the same. Your customers can’t trust inconsistent information, and they won’t call if they can’t decipher what is correct.

Need help with your site's directory listings or have questions about receiving website traffic reports?  Contact our office and ask for Michael Nelson; 508-999-6690.

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