Some brides-to-be are quickly shopping around for a dress before stores run out. About 80 percent of all gowns are made in China but several factories remain closed amid the coronavirus outbreak. This has caused at least a month's delay, but many are worried about a shortage by summer. Retailers such as David's Bridal have inventory set aside at warehouses while others are stocking up.

I spoke with Christina over at Alexandra's Bridal Boutique in Fall River this morning to see if they are experiencing a shortage of wedding dresses due to the illness. She told me "No, not really." A typical and regular delivery for a wedding gown is five to six months and right now she said there is just a slight 2-3 week delay with gowns coming from China.

Seeing as most weddings are planned with at least a year in advance, I can't imagine there being a huge scare over this.

When I saw this topic reach a national level, I have to admit, I rolled my eyes once or twice. I think everyone needs to calm down a bit blaming everything on the coronavirus. It this outbreak and illness scary and awful? Yes, but let's not blame it on everything we do or come in contact with. I feel like this is where social media really damages our thought process. If there were no social media, we wouldn't be blaming a shortage of wedding gowns in this illness. It wouldn't even be a topic of conversation.

Back in the day when I was shopping for my wedding gown, I honestly would never have connected an illness like the coronavirus with my wedding dress arrival being two weeks late. Just saying. And my gown stylist at New York Lace in Taunton would have made everything run smoothly anyways; I never would have known anything was wrong. 👰🏼💖

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