Rumors began to spread about the downtown restaurant's entry policy.

Nike has been in the news throughout the United States ever since they unveiled Colin Kaepernick as their spokesperson for their 30th anniversary of the "Just Do It" slogan. The national story has sparked outrage, praise and everything in between, seeming to seep into every aspect of life.

An accusation on Twitter Friday morning had downtown New Bedford bar Sláinte in its cross-hairs regarding the Oregon-based street wear company.


Eyebrows began to rise the more this was retweeted, so a call over to the bar was necessary to clear the air on the accusation. After reaching out to the owner of Sláinte, we were told that the bar has a specific dress code of no gym-wear allowed inside the doors.

Our best assumption leads us to believe a patron dressed in their gym clothes was stopped at the door and were refused entry. Coincidentally, the patron in question must have been wearing Nike-branded gym clothes, and through the grapevine the story fabricated into something much more malicious.

Tensions are high when it comes to the brand's newest ad campaign, and people are ready to jump to conclusions and pick sides before they decide to look into the finer details. The Twitter user in question seems to have many polarizing opinions on their timeline, and with a topic so fresh on people's minds, it seemed to spark some conversations without research.

Sláinte isn't making a political statement. They just want people in their bar to dress better than they would at the gym. And that's okay.

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