As the parent of a 7th grader, my daughter's school has introduced us to the Powerschool app.  My inner teenager finds it terrifying.

There is very little that makes me feel bad for kids today.  Powerschool (and apps like it) may be one of them.  The Powerschool app is a real-time update on all of your child's grades.  As a parent, it is a tremendously useful tool for staying connected to your child's progress in school.  It's a running tally of where your child stands this term and for the year, and I can't help but to feel bad for the kids.

I can't imagine having that kind of technology when I was in 7th grade.  I clearly remember struggling in "shop" in junior high school.  Shocking, I know, considering how handy I am around the house now.  I remember getting a deficiency report sent home to my parents mid-term.  It basically said what everyone already knew:  I was the worst when it came to working with my hands.

Instead of giving the report to my parents, my 7th grade brain thought it would be a better idea to save them from the aggravation.  Honest to God, my heart felt that!  I decided to sign my father's name (in pencil, no less) and hand it in.  It never occurred to me that this may be a topic of conversation at the next parent/teacher night.  I think, technically, I'm still punished for that one.

My point is, it's a right of passage to tell your parents that you got an 80 on a math quiz when it might really be a 73.  I mean, really....what's 7 points amongst family?  Is there such a thing as too much of a good thing?  Is there any part of you that feels bad for today's high school kids that have to deal with this app?  It must be their nightmare.  I'll tell would be mine!


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