The Westport Fair is here and, right on cue, so are the hot and humid temperatures of July.

It's come to my attention via social media that some people are quite upset and mostly concerned about how the farm animals are going to handle what could potentially be record-breaking heat.

I'll tell you the hard facts right now for those who think it's animal cruelty to bring of the staple features–the farm animals–to the Westport Fair: these animals are going to be just fine.

A few caretakers and animal advocates who agree with me posted the following comments:

"The animals at the fair get the same level of care they receive at home. They are cold hosed, placed in front of giant fans and in the shade. These are prized show animals. They are tended to 24 hours a day. They will get better care in the heat than most humans." -Jennifer DeMoranville Duhan

One person who actually works the fair reminds everyone that her animals are well taken care of:

"As a caretaker and owner of some of the animals I can tell you that we are taking many preventative measures to keep our animals safe and comfortable. There are many fans throughout the barn, the animals have constant availability to cold clean water, most of the animals are clipped, and they are washed with cold water if they are too hot. Beyond that our animals receive Gatorade, probiotics, and electrolytes to prevent over heating and keep the animals comfortable. If you have any questions please feel free to ask or come to the fair to visit the animals:)" -Julie Silva (Animal Caretaker at Westport Fair)

Listen, I get it, it's going to be hot and the animals are stuck in one place. However, they will be protected from direct sunlight under the tent, hosed down thoroughly throughout the day, fed plenty of food and provided with plenty of water–just as if they were back home at the farm.

Whether they're at the Westport Fair or in a barn somewhere, there really isn't any difference and the level of care they receive would be the same regardless. That's really all I have to say about that, but what I'd really like is your feedback on this "hot and sticky" situation. See what I did there?

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