Another disturbing article came across my eyes today. Its so disheartening to keep on reading these claims of us being "poisoned" on a day to day basis.

According to the article, 80% of pre packaged food contains ingredients that has been banned in other countries, including some staples like cereal, Mac and Cheese, and even vegetables that are frozen.

I take pride in making sure my 5 year old daughter eats as healthy as possible. She eats a lot of fruit and veggies, but in the past I have read that unless you drive miles to a farmers market and pay extra, then even those fruits and veggies are causing harm. Its just too much to keep track of, and it just seems like there is NOTHING that you can trust as being decent to feed yourself and your child. There are problems with everything these days, and to me, its unrealistic in 2013 to grow your own food or have to travel miles to purchase things that may be a more healthier choice. File this one under "frustrated parent"