A bizarre day here at Fun 107. When we arrived this morning to do the Rock and Fox Show, we realized that our email wasn't working. Oh, well. No big deal, we thought. Email isn't a huge deal for us to do the show. Then, we realized that our internet wasn't working. That's when the hyperventilating began.

No internet? How could this be? What will we do? What will we talk about? We used our phones to get the pertinent info, and then just barreled through the show. Someway, somehow, we got it done.

It was after the show, however, when things really started getting weird. I can't tell you how many times I went to go check my email. It's still offline as I write this, and can't be retrieved--even on a phone.

I'm only able to write this article right now because I'm sitting in the Subway restaurant right next door to our studios.

I finally resorted to walking next door because I couldn't think of any task I had that didn't require the internet. I've never thought much about it, but it is absolutely mind-blowing how much of my day is tied to the ability to go online.

I think back to when I first started here at Fun 107 in 1995. The internet was brand new. It was just something that was used recreationally. Using the internet, going on AOL, etc. was something you got CAUGHT doing.  It wasn't something that was part of work culture.

As I sit in my office today, I legit can't remember how I filled my days at this same radio station without the internet. It's 1995 here today, and none of us know what to do.

We're always joking that teenagers can't function without their phones. It looks like we're just as bad.

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