Calories don’t count during the holiday season, right? At least that is what I’m telling myself as I eat all of the holiday cookies in sight.

Christmas parties were not a big to-do this year, but that hasn’t slowed down my desire of baking Christmas cookies and receiving them as delicious gifts from close friends. According to Instagram, it turns out Massachusetts and Rhode Island would prefer to receive a certain type of cookie in their cookie jar each Christmas, and I was disappointed in both.

While the nation has gotten used to looking at red and blue maps of the country, Instagram provided a much more enticing map that lays out the popular cookies by each state.

According to Insider, “Instagram identified the most popular holiday cookie in each state by totaling the number of likes and mentions of different cookies over the past month.”

The Insta-cookie map indicates that Massachusetts’ favorite cookie is the "crinkle cookie." I’ll be honest, I had to look this up. Betty Crocker offered up a tasty explanation, but I am shocked that this basic, simple, and powdery cookie is the Massachusetts favorite. The passion for high-quality food is a priority on the SouthCoast, so I would expect your cookie to pack a more flavorful punch.

Besides, how did the chocolate chip cookie not top the list for Massachusetts? It was literally invented here.

As for Rhode Island’s “favorite” cookie, I couldn’t be more disappointed. According to this map, it’s the oatmeal cookie.

Out of all of the amazingly delicious holiday cookies, we chose oatmeal? We basically chose the Raisin Bran of cookies. Sure, I’ll eat it, but only if the other choices aren’t available.

If Instagram asked me, peanut butter cookies and Hershey's Kiss cookies top my list.

What about you? Do you agree or disagree with this cookie map?

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