So many SouthCoast restaurants got creative when the pandemic hit. For some, it meant creating a process for takeout that they normally didn't offer.

As we move through the phases of re-opening, many are having to continue to re-adjust, creating outdoor seating where there wasn't any previously. Using their forming parking lot as outdoor seating is just one example of changes some restaurants have made. While we have to applaud those restaurants that have bobbed and weaved to continue to serve us, some are still struggling to make ends meet even with outdoor dining and takeout.

Now that Governor Charlie Baker has given the green light for Massachusetts restaurants to resume indoor dining on Monday – which specific guidelines – some of our restaurants can take a deep breath and now focus on what is needed to serve us safely indoors.

Oh, nail salons are also allowed to open up, meaning I can finally get my mani-pedi. My feet certainly need it and I know I'm not alone in that.

Indoor dining is essential to so many of my favorite places, places I know you love, too.

Here is my list of six restaurants where indoor dining is a must for me.

SouthCoast Indoor Dining Experiences

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