Let me begin by saying... This is NOT a family-friendly show and I loved every second of it!

On November 19th, 2017, The "Girls of Providence" Jacqueline DiMera, LaDiva Jonz and Vilet took the floor at New Bedford's Incognito Bar & Lounge.

I'll admit that I've never been to a "Drag Brunch" before in my life and I never in a thousand years would have thought that I would enjoy it, but boy was I wrong. I have not laughed like that in a very long time to the point where I was in tears!

The "Ladies" performed broadway tunes and parodies that were highly entertaining, but please believe me when I say... this show is NOT for the faint of heart. It's an 18 plus show, but if you're not into crudeness and raunchy conversation/musical pieces.. then this show is not for you.

Overall, I'm glad I got to experience my very first "Drag" show and would challenege any guy out there, gay or straight, to see if for themselves.


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