An old New Bedford church, on the market for a while now, will need a pretty creative buyer.

I have never wanted to own a former church but after seeing the price on this fixer-upper, 1169 Phillips Road, it may be an investment property for someone with the desire to "flip."

You have probably driven by the former home of New Bedford Church of Christ a hundred times, especially if you live in the north end. The property, on a half-acre lot close to Route 140, is listed by Laforce Realty for $275,000. When it went on sale back in May 2021, the price was almost $25,000 higher.

With my limited knowledge of real estate, especially commercial, the length of time property is on the market, especially with how active the market is now, the lower the price goes. This means someone is losing money, but potential buyers may benefit.

I tried to think of what I would do with a place like this.

Remembering my days of going to church and youth group, I always thought that music sounded better in a church. With all the high ceilings, the acoustics make everything sound louder and better. Maybe someone will invest in this property and make it some kind of music venue, similar to The Vault in downtown New Bedford.

Imagine, finally, a venue on the other side of town where local artists can showcase their talents -- and maybe some national ones, too.

It's a long shot but is anyone out there willing to put the money into bringing this property to life in a new way? Hey, a guy can dream, can't he? Anything is possible.

What do you think this old church could be renovated into?

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You better believe we found some pictures of what this place looks like on the inside to get your creative juices flowing.


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