Pop Casey's, an Acushnet institution, is going to remain closed for the time being, but thankfully not for good.

During high school, I'd drive from Fairhaven to New Bedford to pick up my friends and drive them to school, driving by Pop Casey's on Main Street every single day. My grandparents had this weekly tradition of going out to eat every Friday afternoon and we would rotate the spots we would go to.

Now that I remember the list, I'm surprised I'm a healthy human being right now. We would go to Ponderosa, Old Country Buffet, Knuckleheads, and Pop Casey's. I had my favorite foods at all of them but I remember the chow mein at Pop Casey's being my favorite. My grandparents would order at least four of the stuffed quahogs and sometimes bag some to go.

When this popped up on my Facebook feed, it brought back so many wonderful memories I had with my grandparents:

Pop Casey's has that home-cooked taste that you can't replicate. Even If Pop Casey himself gave us his recipe book, it just won't taste the same.

After reading that post I more than understand the decision and honestly am surprised they have remained open during what they're going through.

How many of you have driven by Pop Casey's and have never been? I don't think I know anyone that hasn't eaten there. It's truly a landmark spot for the SouthCoast.

As a community, we should absolutely rally around Pop Casey's and help Lynn get better. After all these years of filling us up with some of the most delicious SouthCoast staples, it's only right that we help, no?

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