For Christmas 2017, my son Matthew wanted a leopard gecko. I wasn't that psyched about the idea, but I shrugged it off and waited to see if Santa Claus made his Christmas wish come true (which he did).

I have to admit, the gecko has been fairly low maintenance, and has brought Matthew lots of joy. Matt has done a great job caring for the reptile. The only nuisance is when we realize we've run out of crickets (yes, the gecko eats LIVE crickets) and we have to leave the house on a cold, rainy night to go buy more.

Matt began lobbying for a bearded dragon a few months ago. Quietly, at first, he'd start showing us YouTube videos of what the dragon would look like. He's very persuasive and knows how to slowly introduce an idea to his parents.

His campaign kicked into high gear last month. He showed us that he had saved up enough money to buy the tank and supplies. He'd even saved up enough to have the bearded dragon shipped to us by a rare dealer (instead of taking the Petco route).


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