With restaurants opening in the coming weeks, if you want to have a seat at your favorite spot, you will probably have to make a reservation. Which, I think we can all agree is the safe thing to do to manage social distancing while getting back to enjoying local establishments.

What if, however, you had to make an appointment to get out in nature? I'm not talking about hitting up the Buttonwood Park Zoo. I'm talking about the mass amount of natural land space in Marion otherwise known as the Sippican Land Trust. If you haven't been, it's absolutely stunning. Now most of the trust has been open all along but certain sections are a little more difficult to ensure proper social distancing.

Now let's keep in mind that this land trust takes up over a thousand acres. That's a pretty massive amount of land. I think it we could put 100,000 people in to fill that space up with room to move and still be practicing social distancing. However, most of the trust is a walking tour with a pre-determined path for us to walk. As I mentioned, they have been open all along to ensure people can get out of their homes and enjoy nature safely and can now expand on that while ensuring everyone's safety.

The Sippican Land Trust posted this statement with the info on its Facebook page:

I'm more than happy to make an appointment. I'm thankful they are even opening and letting us in. It's been at least a decade since I have visited and I hear they have made a ton of enhancements and are taking extra precautions to ensure continued safety during the pandemic.

Will you book a visit? Or have you visited recently?

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