As listeners to the “Michael Rock Show” know, I have a serious man-crush on Tom Brady. I love the guy. He's the greatest quarterback ever and he’s the most handsome man on earth. I want to be friends, hang out with him, and play catch.

I’ve even used my former co-host and friend Christine Fox’s budding Instagram relationship with his wife, Giselle, as my possible in with Tom. I can see myself, sharing avocado ice cream with Tom on the back porch of his Brookline estate after we did cross-fit in his home gym.

While Tom might be my No. 1 Brady, I do have to admit Gisele is having a great couple of weeks. She showed what a loving wife and mother in Tom vs. Time and with her actions after the (wait I can’t say) to the Eagles.

The Brady’s daughter, Vivian, was crying after the Super Bowl. Gisele confronted her, telling her, “Daddy’s won five Super Bowls and this was the Eagles’ first one.” She used the loss to teach her children the importance of being a good sport.

Of course, I would like Tom to be my Valentine, but having Giselle as it wouldn’t be too bad. At least, I would get to hang out with Tom.

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