Pauly D is mainly known for being that crazy tanned,buff,dj italian guy from providence on Jersey Shore with this blow out styled hair due that wouldn't move if a small hurricane went went through it but now it looks like he's ditching the blow out and taking on a new hair due.

Pauly D recently instagramed a picture of his new slicked back hair. I will admit, I love the slicked back look on a guy, but this hair does not make Pauly look anymore attractive to me. He's still way too  tan and I don't think he's buff.

So why did he change it? Your guess is as good as ours. Maybe he just wanted a new look. According to his tweet, he was very inspired by the 'Great Gatsby' film.

I have had the privilege of meeting Pauly D in person so I will say this -- at least he has an awesome personality.