Fun 107 is looking for Hometown Heroes, so I took the opportunity to explore the Southcoast a bit and meet some of these heroes myself!

Last week the awesome folks at the Fairhaven Fire Department let me come by and check out the station. I learned an awful lot about what it takes to be a firefighter, even getting a hands on experience with the gear they wear every time they head out to a fire.

And though they make it look easy, getting that gear on is anything but!

Their job is no joke and I give those men and women in uniform so much credit for everything they do keeping the public safe each and every day.

These firefighters and all the firefighters across the Southcoast, as well as police officers, EMTs, community leaders, volunteers and other every day heroes are who we are looking for this summer.

We want you to nominate a Hometown Hero!

Click the link and find out how you can help recognize the men and women of the Southcoast who are working to protect and improve their communities each and every day! We know they're out there, but we need you to nominate those amazing Hometown Heroes!