Monday night was the 25th annual Boys and Girls Club of Greater New Bedford's Steak and Burger Night. I've heard about this wonderful event for years, but I've never had the chance to attend until this year.

As a Patriots fan, I was pumped to hear three-time Super Bowl champion Matt Light speak. Also, I wasn't upset about eating a great big burger a few days before Thanksgiving. It was a nice little Thanksgiving warmup, particularly since my wife declared our home's "kitchen is closed" until the holiday.

Each table had a mix of adults and kids from the organization, giving us a chance to engage with children. We were seated next to a fifth grader from Carney Academy named Jayden.

I was listening to him talk about the basketball team that he played on at the Boys and Girls Club, and he was telling me about how we had visited his teacher's classroom last year for Teacher of the Month.


As I was listening to his stories, I was buttering a roll and eating it as we waited for the meals to come out. I guess I was pretty engrossed in his stories because after I ate one half of the roll and was starting to butter the other side, Joey Winterhalter, who was sitting next to me, elbowed me in the ribs and said, "You know that's mayo, right?"

I was beside myself. I wouldn't eat mayo like that on a bet. I can't stand mayo. If you had told me to spread mayonnaise on that roll and eat it, I would have been gagging on bite one.

In my defense, does this not look a little like butter?

File this under a serious lack of sleep.

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