To conquer your fears, you have to face them head-on.

For years, I was nervous about going to see a chiropractor, even if I knew it would benefit my health and body. Back on May 3, 2020, I threw my back out and haven't fully recovered since. My lower back has been screaming in agony and everything I've done to date has only been a temporary fix for my problem.

I needed something else, a second opinion if you will, and I needed it now.

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Growing up in Westport, I went to school with a guy who I recently remembered had become a licensed chiropractor and if I was going to trust anyone to crack my body, it was going to be a friend. His name is Dr. Conor Sowersby and boy, was I glad to see him.

After making an appointment, I went down to where he practices in Westport and was given a full assessment. The staff asked many thorough questions about my past health issues and my current situation. From there, Dr. Sowersby understood the assignment and went right to work.

As he carefully and strategically placed my body in the position he needed me to be in, the nervousness began weighing heavy on my mind. Sowersby assured me it was going to be fine.

"Ready?" he asked as he began to swivel my neck. Before I knew what happened I heard and felt a loud crack and instantaneously began laughing from the relief. There wasn't an ounce of pain and I felt a difference immediately. He continued to do the same to the other side and progressed down my spine.

Now, I'm a big guy and it takes a lot for someone to manhandle me, but Dr. Sowersby was the man for the job and I've never felt relief like I did when I left his office. My posture was corrected, I was standing straight and my shoulders felt lighter than they've ever been.

All I'm saying is that if you're nervous about getting it done, that's completely normal, but I feel great. Although there's much work to do, I'm hopeful for the next visit and many more to come. Fight the fear and educate yourself. Schedule an appointment with your local chiropractor and ask all the questions.

For years I was scared to get it done, but in good old-fashioned dad-joke fun, I stand corrected.

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