Last night, I was with quite a lot of Patriots fans at Barrett's Ale House for Sunday's AFC Championship game. The night was filled with cheers, yelling, absolute silence, and this went on all through the night. Somehow I feel responsible for the Patriots loss for a comment I made just before leaving.

I grabbed the microphone and said, "Hope to see everyone at Barrett's for Superbowl XLVII when the Pats take on the 49'ers!" Now granted, it was in the first half when the Patriots were leading 13 to 7, and one of the fans turned to me immediately and said, "Don't jinx it!" But, it was too late.

I got home and turned on the T.V. and saw the Ravens score and score again. 21 unanswered points? There are a lot of superstitious fans out there, including that creepy 49'ers fan in that commercial where he has to be in the exact spot on the couch, and for those superstitious Patriots fans, I apologize. It was my evil doing that caused the Patriots to lose.

What would have happened if I never made that comment? Listen. I'm a Cowboys fan. If you listen to the FUN Morning Show you would know that. I've seen consistent downfall after downfall since Superbowl XXX. At least now we can all enjoy the Superbowl without worrying about winning some pesky championship.