Here we are!  It's The Rock and Fox Show live from Buttonwood Park's Warming House this morning.  We are doing a very rare Saturday morning show because it's a very important day here in New Bedford.  Today is Fun 107's Hunger Heroes Food Drop.  We do it every year with the United Way of Greater New Bedford.

We're here collecting non-perishable food items now until 2 o'clock.  We have nearly 1,000 turkeys that we are looking to pair up with all of the trimmings.  We can tell you right now that we are a little short on gravy, stuffing and instant mashed potatoes.  Those three things are the biggest needs right at the moment, but we'd be thrilled to accept canned vegetables, canned cranberry sauce, cornbread mix, etc.  Anything non-perishable that you'd use to prepare your own Thanksgiving Dinner would be welcomed.

It's very important that you remember to check the expiration dates on the food that you donate.  Often, people donating food may go into their pantries to grab some food instead of taking a trip to the grocery store.  That's perfectly fine, but we need to make sure the food has not expired.

Our Hunger Heroes Food Drop today will help us put together 1,000 Thanksgiving baskets that will be delivered to local, SouthCoast families in need care of the United Way of Greater New Bedford.  We'll collect the food today, then put the baskets together next weekend.

We'd love to thank our Hunger Heroes Food Drop sponsors:

  • SouthCoast Health
  • NBCU
  • Carefree Homes
  • Baystate Window and Door
  • The Butcher Shop


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