It was an interesting weather weekend in Southern New England. So how crazy did things get in your area?

Like most people I saw a few thunderstorms come through on Saturday, but it was Sunday's weather that got really weird at my house.

It was a typical Sunday to start, a little gardening, my husband mowing the lawn, everyone getting some fresh air and sunshine. And then things took a turn.

You could tell a storm was brewing even before the skies got dark. The wind shifted, the temperature dropped suddenly and you could smell rain in the air.

But it wasn't just rain in the thunderstorms that happened in my neck of the woods.

As soon as the storm started the wet weather turned to hail - and fast.

Soon everything was being pelted by tiny balls of ice and the yard looked like it was January, not July.

front yard hail
TSM/Nancy Hall

Ice came pouring down the roof and spilled over the gutters, really piling up on our front porch.

porch hail
TSM/Nancy Hall

It all lasted about 15 minutes or less, but it was crazy and intense. Definitely one of the weirdest summer storms I can recall witnessing.

But it seemed to only happen around us. No one in my family saw anything like what we did in the yard.

So was it just me? Did anyone else experience some seriously weird weather this past Sunday?

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