On Tuesday, the $10 monthly fee per-household was passed by the City Council of Fall River.

Property owners are allowed to opt out of receiving city trash services, such as the removal of solid waste, recycling, and yard waste.

According to The Herald News, Community Maintenance Director Kenneth Pacheco explained the simple process on how to opt out.

In order to opt out, the property owner must fill out an agreement to cancel sanitation services. The paperwork can be found on the counter of the Community Maintenance Department on the fifth floor of City Hall.

The agreement includes basic questions, such as the property owner’s name, property address, mailing address, telephone number, and email address.

Those who opt out will have to fill out an agreement every year.

The application must then be accompanied by the property owner’s current contract with a private, licensed solid waste and recycling hauler. The requirement is to confirm that property owners are disposing their trash legally.

Pacheco stated that after an agreement is approved, the city will make arrangements to pick up the city-owned green, blue, and brown trash bins for solid waste, recycling, and yard waste from properties who discontinued their services.

Fall River’s Board of Health requires that private trash haulers should provide customers with both solid waste and recycling at one flat rate, and cannot be charged extra for recycling.

So far, more than 243 units have opted out. That number is expected to climb to approximately 3,000 customers.

Check out the video below of information about a Fall River solid waste task force meeting that was held a little bit over a month ago.

With additional reporting by Sal Lopez