Festiva Buffet is one of the best things to happen to Fairhaven in a long time.

Where else can you get "All-You-Can-Eat" for only $8 and change? From Chinese food to American cuisine, right down to the endless sushi and bottomless hibachi, this restaurant has it all.

Coming up this Friday at 9 a.m. sharp at SeizeTheDeal.com, you can get a $50 gift card to Festiva Buffet for only $25, and trust me, these will sell out within minutes.

Since Day 1 of Festiva's grand opening, the restaurant has been buzzing with large groups of hungry people on the daily.

What I've noticed about the people who go into Festiva Buffet for lunch or dinner is that they often pass right by the hibachi station. Little do these people know, hibachi is included in the price of the buffet (tips are welcomed).

Michael Rock and I decided to grab some lunch over at Festiva on Tuesday, for he was in the mood for Hibachi and I was craving Sushi (another all-you-can-eat menu item). Once we arrived we thought it would be helpful and for the best to help out those who wish to visit Festiva or already have but perhaps skipped over the Hibachi section (which is a big mistake).

Together we show you step by step as Michael chooses what he wants (yes, you have control over what you'd like in your grilled dish. Here's what Michael decided to add to his plate for the chef to cook up:

PRO-TIP: Make sure you arrive at Festiva Buffet hungry and ready to eat. There are more than five food stations to choose from and we guarantee you will need to take more than one trip back and forth to your table to try it all.


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