There's nothing better than a juicy hamburger hot off the grill. Now that outdoor grilling season is finally here, we have some tips for making the perfect burger. According to, there are three easy steps to make sure your cookout isn't dampened by burgers that are over or under-cooked, or just plain too dry.

-Flex your thumbprint. They say this is a step not to be skipped. Pressing your thumb into the burger patty will help keep the burger in shape while it cooks, and assure even cooking.

-Get your gill hot. The burger patties should go no where near the grill until it's smokin' hot. Slowly cooked burgers are the worst. Heat the grill to high and brush oil on the grates and the burgers as well. This keeps them from sticking and even adds some flavor.

-Follow the three-minute rule. For medium-rare burgers, cook for three minutes, then flip and cook for three more minutes before adding cheese. If you don't add cheese, cook for 4 minutes after flipping.

The Delish WEBSITE also has a guide to how long to cook different types of meats while grilling.

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