Valentine's Day was yesterday and my Facebook newsfeed is filled with couples who just got engaged. Congratulations, guys! May your marriage be even more beautiful than the proposal.

You may take a month or so to just enjoy your time as a newly engaged couple before you start planning the big day. After that, there's lots of stuff that you'll start considering. What's at the top of that list? Your budget. Weddings can be WICKED expensive. The Knot released the '11th annual The Knot 2016 Real Weddings Study,' so you might want to take a look at these numbers before you start planning.

The Knot

First off, the national average wedding cost in 2017 was $33,391...and that's before you add the cost of the honeymoon. But wait, it gets worse. $33,391 was the national average, which means that a wedding cost was actually HIGHER in some areas. In Boston, be prepared to drop over $40 thousand, and in Rhode Island, you're looking at almost $53 thousand. And to top off this area's highest wedding cost: Cape Cod with $55,083. The average cost per guest was a jaw-dropping $268.

Here's a breakdown of where all that money is spent for the big day:

The Knot

Wish me luck while I explain to my entire family why I decide to elope when that day comes. #ImBroke