Common sense says to keep your fur babies inside air conditioned homes but what are some other things you can do to keep your dogs cool through the heatwave?

TSM/christine fox
TSM/christine fox

My little girl Jessie is a panting King Charles Cavalier.  As soon as it starts to get warm in the late spring, the panting starts. Her only form of exercise is a walk aroud the neighborhood twice a day and some foolong around in the yard or in the house with us, just easy play time.  But she still pants like crazy.  She has a lot of hair and heats up fast so on days and weekend like this one, we try to keep her as relaxed and cool as possible.  I came accross a website with some great tips. The Dog People at have more good ideas on how to keep your pup as cool as you can on these hot summer days.

  • Offer an ice pack or wet towel for them to lay on.
  • Add ice cubes to their water dish.
  • Offer access to a wading pool with shallow, cool water.
  • Offer access to cool shade by stringing up a tarp, cloth, or use a shade screen. This would be ideal on the deck or back yard.
  • If you have an active dog, bring a collapsible water dish on your walks.
  • Avoid walking on hot pavement, and consider booties to insulate their toes. I've seen disturbing photos of dogs paws all blistered from walking on burning hot pavement.
  • Early morning or evening playtimes, exercise, and walks are best, if it's a must.
  • Give your dog some homemade frozen treats.

I especially like that last tip as a trip to Acushnet Creamery is always a treat for ALL of us, not just Jessie.🐶🍦😋

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