Recently, I took a day to visit what I recall being my favorite beach in the SouthCoast, Horseneck Beach in Westport. Don't get me wrong, I loved going to Round Hill and Fort Phoenix, too. But most of my memories came from Horseneck.

The last time I was at Horseneck was probably about 12 years ago and I don't recall it being so rocky. Is this just me? Has this beach always been so rocky?

I witnessed so many people trying to move rocks over so they could lay their towels down and be comfortable on the rocky shore. It was kind of humorous to see them think they had moved them all, only to lay down and have to lift their towels to move more rocks.


I couldn't be bothered with moving rocks to I made a chair out of them and just sat for an hour. Not the most comfortable but I was there to just take it all in.

I really don't recall this beach having all of these rocks. I know Round Hill requires some kind of tag, right? Fort Phoenix has always been pretty good, too.

Horseneck is still pretty busy even though there are piles of rocks on the beach. I've got to know, how do you deal with the rocks at Horseneck?

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