Call me a Grinch. Call me Scrooge. I don't care. Christmas lights are irrational.

What's the goal? You spend hours out in the cold putting up these lights. You probably spent even longer trying to untangle the suckers from last year. You staple your finger to the roof a couple times. For what?

Sure, when you're out driving along, they look pretty. Some people really go all out and they look amazing. Some don't and it looks a little silly, but either way I can understand looking at Christmas lights. I just don't see why anyone would take the time to put them up.

A Christmas tree, sure. It's in the house. You put presents underneath it. It's the cornerstone of the room and house when it's up. You can sit and drink your hot chocolate and bask in the glow of the tree, as you cuddle up and watch your favorite holiday movies.

Christmas lights are outside. When you walk in the house they're gone. You don't see them again until you venture out in the cold.

So think about that for a second. You spend all that time setting these up. They're only up for about a month. You hardly ever see them or get to enjoy them. They're upping the electric bill.

Honestly, what the hell are we doing here? As a kid I thought it was the coolest thing in the world. As an adult, it's nonsensical.

Save yourself the trouble and don't waste your time on the Christmas lights. If you want to get extra Christmassy, put up a second tree. We'd all love two trees worth of presents!

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