Around a dozen homeless individuals and homeless advocates gathered outside New Bedford City Hall Monday morning, despite near blizzard conditions, for a protest of the city's handling of the emergency overflow shelter. 

The event was organized by Peter Costa, founder of New Bedford Homeless Advocates. Costa wants to see the shelter open up when the weather calls for it.

"I want the cold weather shelter open when it should be," Costa said.

Costa pointed to previous cold nights when the shelter wasn't opened. He also wants to see the city provide better access and transportation to the shelter.

Carl Alves, director of PACCA, admitted he'd love to see more help from the city, but is very happy with the resources it currently provides.

"They give more money to this effort than other surrounding towns do," said Alves. "Rather than trying to be ready to vilify folks that are trying to do the best that  they can, it's more about bringing people together."

Alves also noted that there are several year-round options for the city's homeless population, including the PACCA building on Coggeshall Street and the Sister Rose homeless shelter on Eight Street.

"Rather than judging people, do something about it. If you don't like it, do something about it," Turner said. "Sitting at the kitchen table yelling about it doesn't do a dang thing."

New Bedford homeless protest outside City Hall | Chris Arsenault
New Bedford homeless protest outside City Hall | Chris Arsenault

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