Only one thing in the world can drag you away from the soft glow of an enormous inflatable, old-fashioned TV on a front lawn: the homeowners cutting the power for the night.

Depending on what side of the inflatable screen you’re on, you may want to shoot your eyes out over Home Depot’s new outdoor Christmas decor item; an eight-foot inflatable TV that projects famous scenes from the iconic holiday classic A Christmas Story.

The TV’s weather-resistant projector is programmed to play A Christmas Story content on a continuous loop which will surely leave some muttering the queen mother of dirty words: the F-dash-dash-dash word.

We all know someone that is an A Christmas Story die-hard. They have their leg lamps, their pink fuzzy-bunny pajamas, and they just about grow roots into the sofa watching the 24-hour A Christmas Story marathon each year. They know all the lines, they swear it's the best Christmas movie of all time and now these true super-fans can raise their Christmas Story flag and let the whole neighborhood watch the magic that is Ralphie Parker and gang.

And we are really just talking about dads here, right? Home Depot is totally pandering to the dads with this decoration. Dads won’t be able to stop themselves from buying this. Dads will turn the neighborhood into their own personal living room this holiday and no one can stop them.

In only a matter of minutes, the living projection inflatable TV screen turns your yard into a movie theater with “peppy instrumental Christmas songs” played in-between famous scenes from the movie including the leg lamp fiasco, and Flick’s famous "triple dog dare" tongue-to-the-pole scene. Dads everywhere will quickly become the envy of the neighborhood – or the human equivalent of the Bumpus’ hound dogs, depending on your neighbors' love or hate of the movie.

Home Depot lists this decoration for $249 and even though it comes preloaded with A Christmas Story content, the outdoor projector unit is actually fully customizable, meaning that if you really wanted to, you could leave your old-fashioned inflatable TV outside all year long and just show everyone whatever footage you want.

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