Lavolta Depina is a 35-year-old single mom from New Bedford who is currently struggling with health issues.

Lavolta has always been a hard worker and is devoted to her family. She has one biological daughter and has taken custody of four of her nieces and nephews. All of the children are nine years old and younger. She took the kids in without thinking twice. She transported the children back and forth to activities such as gymnastics, counseling sessions, and attended in-home therapy sessions for the children.

About a year ago, she lost housing due to circumstances that were out of her control. Three of the children were released from her, which made things a little easier, but she was left homeless with her daughter and nephew.
Although she was living out of bags and boxes, she still managed to keep a great spirit.
Recently she suffered from an aortic dissection which was problematic in more ways than one. The doctors put her in a medically-induced coma while waiting for the swelling in her chest to go down.
While she should be trying to relax and take care of herself, all she can do is stress about finding a job and how her children will be cared for. She has always been willing to help others, but in her time of need, few are coming to help her.
This Christmas alone will be hard for Lavolta as she is currently dealing with a rough financial state and worrying about feeding her children.

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