Southern New England has no shortages of converted mills in the area, but one new usage of an old space has become an amazing tropical paradise. Inside The Mills on Pawtucket Ave in Pawtucket, Rhode Island, is a 10,000-square-foot plant paradise for those looking to literally go green.

Jordan's Jungle has been growing in popularity for the last seven years and has become many local gardeners' "happy place" with floor to ceiling greenery that almost makes you forget you are in an actual store.

With the plan to improve my green thumb, I took my daughters on an adventure to this highly reviewed nursery recently and was blown away by what I saw. The brick floors, cathedral-height plexiglass ceilings, and row after row of tropical plants were almost overwhelming.

We all dove right in, however, and probably spent the better part of an hour exploring the store front to back finding the perfect house plants for us. Being the realist that I am, we mostly took to the succulent section of the store, for those more low-maintenance-type plants. Though finding rare and exotic house plants is not out of the question either.

As Jeff Golenski of New Bedford noted in his Google review of the store, it was "Simply the largest and most well-kept specialty tropical plant store I’ve been to in the USA."

Jocelyn Huftalen wrote, "The staff is always helpful and willing to answer any of my wide range of questions" and Chris J simply said, "I loved this place. So many wonderful plants."

Jordan's Jungle is also home to a beautiful African grey parrot named Popeye, which really completes the tropical rainforest vibe. Plus, you can bring your four-legged friends along as you shop since the store is dog-friendly.

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