Let's be honest, Massachusetts town names are weird. Cities like Worcester and Leominster are not at all spoken how they're spelled, no one bothers to add the "ugh" to Foxboro or Middleboro anymore, and as one Boston TikTok user points out, lots of our town names end in "ham." What is up with that?

Tim Ahern, known on TikTok as @tim_ahern_art, has some theories about Massachusetts' ham obsession and shares them in a couple of very funny videos that will have Bay State residents cracking up. The Boston-based stay-at-home dad and artist clearly thought our forefathers were perhaps too focused on lunch meat when naming many Massachusetts towns.

@tim_ahern_artNo offense Dead Ham. ##timahernart ##TheHarderTheyFall ##boston ##massachusetts ##ham♬ original sound - Tim Ahern

But the 10 different ham towns in that video aren't the only hams around.

Reply to @tim_ahern_art meanwhile in the evil land of Peter’s Ham…##timahernart ##TheHarderTheyFall ##boston ##massachusetts ##ham
♬ original sound - Tim Ahern

I've got to say, I never really thought about the state's crazy number of "ham" town names until Ahern laid them all out like that. Of course, the age-old Worcester debate had to be in there too. All of it had me giggling on my couch as I watched.

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Most of Ahern's other videos have more to do with his artwork and struggles with ADHD, but these Massachusetts town names creations were definitely the most relatable to me. Who knows what Bay State weirdness he'll point out to us all next.

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