Fairhaven was the center of Hollywood this past weekend. The popular HGTV show Houses With History focused on the amazing renovation of the former Henry Huttleston Rogers potting shed.

The show took special care to preserve the historical feel of the home while giving it a brighter, more modern feel.

Rick Marcotte and Donna Ross were kind enough to give us a tour of their home before the show aired on Saturday night, giving us a sneak preview of what "the after" shots might look like. In fact, more changes have been made to the home since the show was filmed, and we have them for you here.

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A couple of the structural changes to the former potting shed were raising the ceilings in the media room to match the height of the other rooms on the first floor. The low ceilings on the second floor were also raised significantly to make for a more livable space.

The real triumph, though, was keeping the theme of the home intact. The most amazing part of the renovations was the ability of the contractors to find antique-looking stained glass and fixtures that look like they could be hundreds of years old.

One of the contractors' biggest challenges was what to do about the chimney. It was in rough shape, but added a lot of character to the home. The team settled on renovating the chimney.

The final results were breathtaking, and we were able to snap some photos of how the owners are living now that the cameras gone.

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