Oh, what I wouldn't give for a hot linguica sandwich right now to warm up the soul.

I tend to think that people underestimate just how good a linguica sandwich really is on a cold day like today – and not to mention affordable. Here on the SouthCoast, chourico and linguica are worth their weight in gold. If I were to estimate how many restaurants have these menu items, I would guess that the number is somewhat upwards of 90 percent. After all, we do live among a large Portuguese community, so it's only reasonable to be surrounded by linguica and chourico.

Now, here's the big question of the day: do you put cheese on your linguica sandwich or not?

It doesn't matter if it is ground linguica, patties, or sliced links, there's always room for cheese, but some people would rather have it without to preserve the natural taste of the spicy Portuguese delicacy. Personally, I'm fine either way, as long as there's brown mustard on top.

There's still the debate about the difference between chourico and linguica, but I'm saving that for a rainy day (spoiler alert: one is spicier than the other).

I'm curious as to what you think about the cheese vs. no cheese debate and I'm open to conversation or even family recipes, if you're willing to share. Just shoot me an email at Gazelle@fun107.com.

For now, though, let's weigh in on the topic at hand, so place your vote below and let me know whether you are for or opposed to putting cheese on your linguica sandwich:

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